Delivering the news.

It was the night he was supposed to be getting back, and I had finally heard from him. “We are stuck here for the night, maybe coming back tomorrow if we can,”his text said. I had texted him before that and said, “please let me know when you are back or if you don’t make it call me.” Shortly after I got his text saying he wasn’t coming my phone started ringing.

I picked up the phone and took a deep breath,”Hey”.

“You said to call you. How come you said please, it sounded so urgent?” he questioned.

I was nervous, because deep down inside I didn’t think he would react well. “Oh I just wanted to know what was going on,” I kind of lied.

He was in the bathroom getting ready to go explore the city where him and his coworkers were stuck in layover. Before he got off the phone he paused, “Is there anything else you wanted to tell me?”

How did he know.

“Well actually yes,” I started slowly, “But I’m not sure if now is a good time.”

“Just tell me.” He pleaded.

“Okay, but are you sure? Because..I’m about to drop a bomb. Should I wait until you get back?” I was really hesitant.

“Just tell me please.” He demanded now.

“Okay,” I took a deep breath.”Well…my period is a few days late and I took a test thinking it would be nothing, because my cycle is irregular……….and it came back positive.”

“Are you serious?” He said in shock.


“What? How did this happen?” He choked.

Just a couple seconds later there was a knock on his bathroom door. His coworkers were saying, “lets go.” He told me we would talk again soon and he would hopefully be back the next day.

Just like that our lives were forever changed.








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