8:00 am

My alarm started blaring. It was Wednesday morning. My last doctors appointment was just two weeks ago and I was scheduled to go in again today. I had been looking forward to going to this one, because finally baby’s dad had agreed to go. His work schedule had prevented him from coming to the earlier ones, so this would be his first appointment. I was nervous as to how it would be with him there, because after all that had happened between us I didn’t know what to expect from him.

I woke up tired, but I knew I had to hurry and get me and my daughter ready so I would not be late to this appointment. It’s not unlike me to be running late, but this doctor would reschedule the appointment if I was more than 10 minutes late and I couldn’t risk that especially with him coming.

8:20 am

I finished getting ready and went to wake up my daughter who was also tired, and didn’t want to go to daycare. She resisted getting dressed and as such I started into a frantic, “I cannot be late today!” which was true, but it was something I often said.

8:36 am

My appointment was at 8:50 am. I needed to get her dropped off, which would take about five minutes and then get to my appointment which was about 12-15 minutes away. We finally got into the car, I didn’t have any time to lose.

The sun was shining bright that morning, and it was early so the air was cold. The frost on my window made it difficult to see, my windshield wipers were broken, the heat had gone out in my car, and I hadn’t stopped to scrape it before I left.

8:40 am

When driving into my daughters daycare I ran over a parking post that I couldn’t see with the mix of the sun and the frost I left on my window. It was a short metal post with a tire on the bottom to hold it up. The tire got lodged under my car, but I had no time to lose. The impact of the post did nothing to the front of my car and neither my daughter or I was hurt, so I carried on. I quickly ran inside to drop her off, and raced to my appointment. The tire slid out at some point early on, fortunately.

8:57 am

I ran from the parking lot into the hospital and up to the fourth floor where my doctor’s office was. I met with baby’s dad right before checking in. It was nice to see him, even though my feelings were so tender. Would this appointment change anything? 

(To Be Continued)


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